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PRIOR advertising agency

Private company
Year of foundation
Russia Moscow, Russian Federation
Multiple Winner of: Moscow International Advertising Festival, Kiev International Advertising Festival, IDEA National Advertising Festival, Golden Site Russian internet-contest, Dialog Open Advertising Festival, Golden Hammer International Advertising Festival, winner of Young Lion by Association of Russian Communication Agencies, best promo-videos author according to Russian Association of Ad Agencies.
Parent company
RAIN Group
RAIN Group (created at the basis of PRIOR agency)
Number of staff (as of 2017)
60 employees
Web Portal

PRIOR (lat. prior  first, senior)  modern multi-purpose communication agency founded in 1993, with a staff of around 100 employees. Active member of ACAR [1] since 2002. From 2011 PRIOR as a part of RAIN Group became one of the Top 10 largest advertising and communication groups of The Russian Federation [3].

Company Structure
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The main Agency product is communication strategy and its realization.

PRIOR multi-purpose communication agency provides the following services:

ATL traditional kinds of advertising, Target audience is represented by the widest social groups. Traditional advertising media: 4 big media  press, TV, radio, billboard advertising.

Agency ATL services include: media planning (both strategic and tactic), media buying and also design and creation.

BTL a set of marketing communications that differ from ATL by the fact that it carries an Ad message aimed at certain customers.

PRIOR organizes and realizes promo events both on regional and federal levels, using its own automated project management system.

PRIOR also provides services in event marketing and event organization  from culinary master classes to nationwide dealer conventions, including road-shows and Party congresses.

Digital modern coverage and targeted marketing communication tools that focus on the Internet, especially on social networks.

Agency provides full range of services in digital including media placement, contexts, special projects, SMM and digital BTL.

PRIOR also provides to its customers an organization and realization of full-scale loyalty programs, including CRM.

The Agency has a wide experience in organization and realization of wide scale and complex Ad campaigns on regional and federal levels.

Above all PRIOR has an expertise in marketing research and sales econometric modeling.


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19931998 Local Period. First steps on the Ad market. Competing with all the agencies of any specialization. A royal period in Agency. Foundation of PRIOR by Alexander Popov in 1993. 1st but firm steps year-by-year on Ad market. Strengthening of Grand Duke positions in media buying.

19981999 Default. Network Revolution. Budget withdrawal from local agencies by international companies and growth of their cooperation with Russian representatives of network agencies. Agency suffered from Default Yoke. Practical use of laissez faire (let alone) principle helped to survive in crisis.

20002008 Differentiation Period. Division of Ad agencies by specialization: creative, BTL, digital, and also media planning and placement. Media agencies concentrate and distribute budgets on the four big media (press, TV, radio, billboards) in international media holdings. The feudal period. Other principalities appear next door to PRIOR: Media Master (regional placement), Media Expert (media buying), Aviator (account management) and i-Guru (Internet Ad). Invasion to the Ukraine (opening a Kiev office).

20082009 Crisis. Digital Revolution. Fading of traditional advertisement due to budget cuts in direct advertising. BTL and digital importance growth as the closest ones to point of purchase. Time of Troubles in agency. Reduction of area and population. Open Office concept realization which helped to survive during crisis. Autonomy of BTL department.

20102014 Union Period. The rapid development of digital due to Internet Ad market share. TV Ad recovery. Integration marketing campaigns role growth. 360° in particular. Team work of companies inside Ad groups for the most effective project realization. Strengthening of statehood period. Principalities united into United States of RAIN Group. The power vertical strengthening. Fierce struggle with hostile environment.

2015 - One more crisis.

Company Structure

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PRIOR advertising agency consists of client service (more than 25 account managers organized into 2 Account Divisions. Each provided with a staff of 3 Account Teams).

And also of three executive departments:

There is also a BTL Department which is more like State within a State than a linear PRIOR agency department. It contains strategic creative staff and 2 executive groups  Promo Group and Event Marketing Group.

Tactic Media Planning district and Federal and Regional Big Media Buying district complete all of this. There are also Digital Executive districts (media, special projects, social network projects and so on) which are united in RAIN Group together with PRIOR.

For customers convenience communication with all executive districts goes through PRIOR Client Service. On other words the work is built on a Single Window principle which is optimal for multi-purpose communication agency.


Account managers, strategists, art directors, copywriters, designers, producers and all the PRIOR specialists in common  each of them is a professional in his area. Besides that, they are really nice persons and natural born cheerful atmosphere creators. Its a pure pleasure to work with them.

Feel yourself free to see them in action!

Our clients

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PRIOR Advertising Agency cooperates with various companies and brands. It doesnt matter if the customer is local or from overseas, large or very large. It doesnt matter which tasks are listed in brief  the truth is that we treat any Customers task with great scrupulosity, care and respect.

Must Know Facts

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Map and directions to the PRIOR Office

Address: Moscow, Bakuninskaya Str., 1012, build. 4
Phone: (495) 785-07-90, fax: (495) 785-12-29
Getting here by car and on foot
Getting here by car:

From Downtown: down Bakuninskaya street, after crossroads with Baumanskaya street in 100 meters turn right to the yard before Raiffeisen Bank branch office. Blue-white building is on the second building line.

From Moscow Region: after crossroads with Spartakovskaya square up Bakuninskaya street there will be Raiffeisen Bank branch office on the left. Make a U-turn near Elokhovskaya Church and turn right to the yard before Raiffeisen Bank branch office. Blue-white building is on the second building line.

Please notice: there is no guest parking for visitors.

Getting here from Baumanskaya metro station on foot

There is one exit from the station. After getting out the metro station turn right to Baumanskaya street with tram ways. Turn right again and go 100 m along tram ways till crossroads with Bakuninskaya street. Then turn right again, go another 100 m till Raiffeisen Bank branch office and turn right. Blue-white building is on the second building line. Reception is on the ground floor.


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  3. Adindex, rating of largest media agencies by purchase volume in 2011


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